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We hired Janelle to help develop marketing personas. She impressed me with her professionalism and responsiveness, and she delivered a high-quality final product. She did a fantastic job and we would hire her again!

Joe CastonJul 2017

When I bought Gallagher Transport a year ago, the marketing was outdated and minimal. I hired Janelle to help with the marketing and she elevated my understanding of the company and our customers through the use of data analysis, surveys and interviews. She managed the launch of our re-brand and website on time and on budget. Janelle is reliable, professional and a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services.

Brad Whittle | President, Gallagher TransportMay 2017

Janelle is a whiz at market analysis. As a sales rep, I'm inundated with data. Combing through numbers isn't my specialty. I am good at building relationships, pulling through messages, and asking for business. Janelle helped me do exactly what I like to do, while she developed the plan - who, what, when, and why. Janelle uncovered areas of opportunity which enabled me to improve my national ranking from #68 in Q2 2016 to #3 in Q4 2016. Each time Janelle and I spoke, she showed me something new. She's a born teacher, listener and strategical thinker. As evidenced by my numbers, her work is undeniably effective.

Jamie M. | Parmaceutical RepFeb 2017

I'm always impressed with Janelle's professionalism, commitment to deadlines and attention to detail. I feel like she "has my back" and that my project is a priority. She brings a strength to our business that I do not have (analytics, staging/processes) and it's very welcome. I appreciate her honesty, vision and communication.

Rachel Gerlach | Owner, NutritionWorks of ColoradoDec 2019

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