Janelle Kenny, Marketing Consultant, Shine Bright Marketing

About…The Work Part

Chief Sunshine Maker, Shine Bright Marketing

I spent 15 years as the marketing director of SOL Lingerie, a place whose goal was to help women feel good in their bodies. I had the privilege of helping SOL expand to one of the largest and most successful independent lingerie stores in the United States. Building a small business to a ‘big’ small business was exciting, challenging and a never-ending learning process. As the business grew, our marketing needs grew, as well as our marketing options!

In 2016 I started Shine Bright to help women feel good about their business, offering not just marketing strategy, positioning and analytics, but also technical savvy, hand-holding, a global perspective and an East Coast-with-a-smile attitude.

Are you wasting money and losing clients with your marketing? Let’s talk.

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  • Company sales increased 270% during tenure
  • Successfully created, implemented and tracked marketing programs utilizing the data in the CRM program I created. From 2011- 2015:
    • Number of annual customers increased 25%
    • Average yearly spend by customers increased 28%
    • Number of repeat customers increased 61%
    • Top customer annual spend increased 90%
    • Number of top customers increased 85%
    • Frequency that top customers shopped annually increased 33%
  • Designed and developed four iterations of websites, including e-commerce
  • Executed annual branded marketing campaigns and photoshoots, including SOL Air which was nominated for OAAA OBIE 2011 award for outdoor billboard
  • Created, implemented and tracked marketing program with response rates upwards of 30%
  • Launched company Facebook page and obtained 12,000 likes within 24 months
  • Designed and conducted customer feedback surveys, garnering 2500 responses in 5 days
  • Successfully garnered national press. Facilitated SOL owner Cindy Johnson’s appearance on the Today Show nine times.

About… The Play Part

  • I’m an adventure travel fanatic and recently reached my dream of traveling to all seven continents. (As an entrepreneur I bet you relish having an independent schedule too!)
  • Seeing the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti was a favorite and unforgettable travel moment. (Are you also trying to create unforgettable life moments?)
  • I’ll try anything once! Even if it’s a bowl of fried goat tongues. (Do you agree that a unifying quality of entrepreneurs is we are willing to take (some) risk?)
  • Having never before meditated, I completed a 10-day silent meditation course in India. No touch, no speaking, no music, no writing, no electronics, no yoga. 10 hours of mediation a day. For 10 days. Gulp. (Have you ever jumped into anything with both feet without knowing how to swim?)
  • I shine brightest when I am connecting with people. (What makes you shine?)
Janelle Kenny, Marketing Consultant, Shine Bright Marketing

Hiring a consultant is one of those things where of course you expect the person to be professional and knowledgeable, meet deadlines and improve your business. But it’s even more fun if you enjoy spending time with them. Here are a few random facts about me – I can’t wait to get to know you, too!