• Do you run your own business and are unclear on what marketing you should (and shouldn’t) do?
  • Do you have a limited marketing budget and don’t know the best way to spend it?
  • Do you wish you knew where to focus your marketing efforts and why?
  • Are you unclear on what data you have (or don’t have) and how to utilize it to improve marketing?

Did you know that Customer Marketing is
faster, easier and it costs less?

At Shine Bright, our Modern Marketing for Entrepreneurs program will teach you how a customer centric, data-driven and measurable marketing program will help you increase revenue, decrease costs and increase gross margin.

Our goal is to help companies maximize their most valuable resource – current customers, via marketing data analysis, customer segmentation, and content generation. Maximizing customer retention and investing in word of mouth are essential to increasing the bottom line.

Marketing Services, Data Analysis

Step 3:
Modern Marketing Baseline Package

Sign up for our Modern Marketing Baseline Package which includes:

  • Marketing Assessment
  • Data Assessment
  • Modern Marketing Baseline modules:
    • Customer Centric: How to Identify, Understand and Target your Ideal Client
    • Data- Driven: What Data is Important to Collect & How to Start Using What you Have
    • Measurement: Where to Spend your Marketing Budget and Why
  • Baseline Marketing Report
    • Explains 3 marketing elements that will have biggest impact right now

Investment: $1000

Step 4:
Marketing Action Package

Ready for some Action?  The Marketing Action Package  is NOT about doing all things marketing. It’s designed to implement three (3) marketing elements that could have the biggest impact on your bottom line for where your company is RIGHT NOW. They could include:

  • Cohesive Brand Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Help implementing marketing technology
    • CRM
    • Email/Marketing Automation
  • Data Collection
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Surveys/Interviews
  • Persona Development

Pricing dependent on results from Step 3

Step 5:
Fractional CMO Support – Ongoing Strategic Package

You did it! You have a cohesive, focused marketing strategy and you know exactly what marketing you are doing and why. SB’s Ongoing Strategic Package will provide ONGOING marketing support, advice and analysis to help you stay on track toward meeting your revenue goals. It’s like having a part-time, Chief Marketing Officer (fractional CMO) on your staff!

  • Monthly Support
  • Ongoing Analytics
  • Quarterly Assessment

Pricing dependent on results from Step 4

Ready to have greater clarity and confidence around your marketing?

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