Marketing Services

  • Did you wake up and realize it’s finally time for a new website?
  • Do you run your own business and know you need marketing but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you have a limited marketing budget and don’t know the best way to spend it?

There’s a million things you could do for your marketing. Let us help you determine the first three.

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Web Development

Want a website that shines? Whether optimized for search (SEO) or an informational site, we’ve got the design, copy-writing and development covered; we’re just waiting for you.

CRM / Salesforce

Are you considering implementing a CRM, or do you want to maximize your Salesforce to its fullest capabilities?  Our 7x certified Salesforce guru will set your data straight.

Graphic Design

You need design? We’ve got design.  Whether a logo, printed collateral or a trade show booth, we can create what you need.

Business Analytics

Data is just numbers waiting to be turned into stories. We analyze your current data and can help you collect more data through market research, persona development and/or surveys. Either way we’ll present the insights to you in way you’ll understand. And voila! You’ll be making data-informed marketing decisions in no time.

Marketing Automation

Communicate with your customers more often in less time? Yes please. Marketing technology is changing the way we do business. Let’s figure out which ones work best for your organization.

Fractional CMO

Is this your first time hiring someone to help with your marketing? Before you can hire the entry-level employee, you need an expert to set up your marketing systems and processes. Shine Bright can serve as your part-time Chief Marketing Officer.

Modern Marketing Baseline Package

The purpose of the Baseline Package is to identify which three (3) marketing elements will have the biggest impact on your bottom line…TODAY. It includes:

  • Marketing Assessment
  • Data Assessment
  • Modern Marketing Baseline modules:
    • Customer Centric: How to Identify, Understand and Target your Ideal Client
    • Data- Driven: What Data is Important to Collect & How to Start Using What you Have
    • Measurement: Where to Spend your Marketing Budget and Why
  • Baseline Marketing Report
    • Explains 3 marketing elements that will have biggest impact right now

Investment: $1000

Salesforce Assessment Package

Let our 7x certified Salesforce guru set your data straight!

  • We will evaluate your current software setup, use, challenges, 3rd party integrations and what tyou want to achieve.
  • We will conduct a Data Assessment to determine how much date cleanup is required, , assess configuration, customer segmentation and reporting, and identify marketing opportunities.
  • SB will present a Baseline Report summarizing what was discovered.

Investment: $1000

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