I met Janelle on LinkedIn and as my Marketing Coach she impressed me with her high-quality feedback and her ability to hold me to a high level of professionalism with my messaging and collateral. Her insights and guidance were extremely useful and moved my business forward much faster than I could have on my own. Big fan!

Dan Cooney | Principal at The Cooney Company LLCJune 2021

Janelle's MBA program pinpointed what aspects of our marketing and operations needed improvement. We appreciated Janelle's encouraging and optimistic nature as we learned these business concepts, and appreciated her willingness to coach us through some of the activities that were beyond our skillset. We highly recommend Janelle and her MBA program.

Amanda Trosten-Bloom | Principal at Rocky Mountain Center for Positive ChangeJan 2021

As a former executive leader at a Fortune 200 company, there was a lot about small business, entrepreneurial marketing that I didn't know. As I started my coaching business, I hired Janelle for guidance on personal brand, LinkedIn strategies, email templates and marketing best practices. She has provided education, advice and thoughtful feedback but most importantly, Janelle has been a pleasure to work with.

Brent Mullins | Certified Executive Coach Brent Mullins CoachingMay 2020

Janelle's Baseline service was a great introduction to data collection and focusing on where to spend my marketing dollars. She is delightful to work with and non-judgemental about my lack of basic skills or awareness of certain marketing concepts. When I first came to Janelle, I was throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to figure out what to do and where to spend my time and energy. She helped me come up with a list of priorities and a process to follow to help me get on track. I will refer to the report often! If you are considering this service, go for it - you won't regret it!

Candice Kingston | Kingston Coaching, LLCApril 2020

I've been working with Janelle for 3 years and she has been indispensable as my personal Chief Marketing Officer. Her insights have helped elevate my status as a thought leader, and she has held me accountable toward staying focused on my goals. As my career has taken different twists and turns, I've been grateful to have Janelle by my side as an advisor and as part of my tribe, every step of the way.

Rhonda Skallan, NCC, ACC | Principal at Point BApril 2020

When I started working with Janelle, I had two totally separate parts of my business and neither one was dialed in. Janelle guided me through a step-by-step process that helped me see where the gaps were and helped me recognize where and how I wanted to move forward with my business. Four months later, I have so much more clarity about where I'm heading. We put together a marketing plan that I've been following and I can already see the results. I look forward to continuing to work with Janelle in the future as my marketing needs grow with my business.

Julie Geller | MusicianFeb 2019

As a growing business that had done limited marketing, Shine Bright helped us build our marketing strategy for long term growth. Janelle identified what we needed (optimized website, SEO marketing, social media presence, review management and customer data) and she delivered and managed everything in a timely manner. She is easy to work with and very responsive. I recommend hiring her.

Michael Burbage | Director of Operations, Sushi-RamaOctober 2018

Marketing has been my least favorite part of business. I started the program frustrated and unclear about my marketing and by the end I had an aha moment on my target audience and how to speak to them and suddenly things became very clear. I learned I still get to work with the various groups I want to, and can also target them specifically using their language. I get to have it all! I highly recommend Shine Bright to other entrepreneurs who are frustrated with marketing. Thank you!

Dr. Hazel-Grace YatesFebruary 2018

We hired Janelle to help develop marketing personas. She impressed me with her professionalism and responsiveness, and she delivered a high-quality final product. She did a fantastic job and we would hire her again!

Joe Caston | President, The Great OnlineJul 2017

When I bought Gallagher Transport a year ago, the marketing was outdated and minimal. I hired Janelle to help with the marketing and she elevated my understanding of the company and our customers through the use of data analysis, surveys and interviews. She managed the launch of our re-brand and website on time and on budget. Janelle is reliable, professional and a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services.

Brad Whittle | President, Gallagher TransportMay 2017

Janelle is a whiz at market analysis. As a sales rep, I'm inundated with data. Combing through numbers isn't my specialty. I am good at building relationships, pulling through messages, and asking for business. Janelle helped me do exactly what I like to do, while she developed the plan - who, what, when, and why. Janelle uncovered areas of opportunity which enabled me to improve my national ranking from #68 in Q2 2016 to #3 in Q4 2016. Each time Janelle and I spoke, she showed me something new. She's a born teacher, listener and strategical thinker. As evidenced by my numbers, her work is undeniably effective.

Jamie M. | Pharmaceutical RepFeb 2017

Janelle’s ability to mine the data from our point of sales system was beyond our expectations in terms of speed with which she built the marketing campaign and the resulting cost savings. Her marketing advice was simple, affordable and easy for us to execute.

Kaite Friedland | Owner, Show of HandsJun 2016

Janelle’s insightful questions forced us to streamline our messaging and her email strategy and copywriting put us on track for gaining new clients.

Sean Orion | Principal, Primal ProcessorJun 2016

Shine Bright Marketing created a targeted email marketing program and built us easy-to-use email templates and campaigns that are simple to execute. The speed and ease of the implementation of the marketing program was beyond our expectations.

Mandy Moscatelli | Owner, Show of HandsJun 2016

Janelle has the innate ability to bring brands to life in a strategic way by bringing passion and purpose to every campaign she leads.

Kristi Omdahl | Marketing Dir, Cherry Creek NorthJun 2016

I was impressed with how Janelle mined the data and turned the resulting analysis into a successful marketing program!

Janet Jerde | President, Digital SolutionsApr 2016

Janelle is just one of those amazing individuals who sees a problem and works tirelessly to solve it and making the workplace a better space to be.

Becca Robinson | President, TRG ResultsAug 2015

I'm always impressed with Janelle's professionalism, commitment to deadlines and attention to detail. I feel like she "has my back" and that my project is a priority. She brings a strength to our business that I do not have (analytics, staging/processes) and it's very welcome. I appreciate her honesty, vision and communication.

Rachel Gerlach | Owner, NutritionWorks of ColoradoDec 2019

Do you want to know where to spend your marketing dollars, and WHY?